Hello, I'm Bulent!

Digital Builder πŸ”§

Hello πŸ‘‹ my name is Bulent!
This is a collection of Jamstack projects I've built, plus notes on things I've learned along the way. My day job is managing the blog at Contentful.
What is Jamstack? It's a term to describe high-performance websites made using JavaScript, APIs and static markup. Speed, security and scalabilty are the key benefits. Learn more here.
This particular site is built using the Mate Portfolio theme, which is a simple and extensible template made with Contentful, Gatsby and Netlify.
In the showcase below, you'll find more Jamstack sites assembled from different components. The goal is to demonstrate how to get up and running using resources that are freely available on the web.
Note: The creative code behind each project is not my work. I'm just standing on the shoulders of giants!
Bulent Yusuf
Gatsby Blog
A Gatsby blog starter powered by Contentful, hosted on Gatsby Cloud. This template is spun up using the official starter maintained by Contentful.
Remix Blog
This is a Remix blog powered by Contentful, hosted on Vercel. Forked from the official Contentful Gatsby Starter blog repo, it is visually identical.
Next Blog
This example showcases Next.js's Static Generation feature using Contentful as the data source, hosted with Vercel.